Freight vehicle

Freight Cincinnati style

When the shipment is too big for courier service, it’s time to call Cincinnati’s emerging leader in reliable freight services. Cincy Errands balances speed, safety and competitive pricing to fuel our customers' success.

Freight moving from origin to destination is no accident: Cincy Errands' drivers are careful, experienced, and always professional. Contact us today for a speedy Midwest / Cincinnati freight quote.

Some freight shipping providers seem to like hiding fees and charges in the fine print. Cincy Errands keeps your billing simple with up-front rate quotes and no hidden charges.

  • No fuel surcharge
  • No charge for liftgate service (box trucks)
  • No charge for first 15 minutes wait/load/unload time
  • No per-piece (AKA “piecemeal”) pricing

Customers appreciate Cincy Errands’ competitive pricing and reliable freight services. And with Cincinnati connecting commercial routes between Cleveland, Columbus, Indianapolis, Chicago, Detroit, St. Louis, Lexington and Louisville, Cincy Errands is well located for hauls throughout the Midwest.

And Cincy Errands is more than just a company. Our personal interest in your success and satisfaction sets us apart from large freight carriers. We’re real people, and we see our customers as real people too.

Max dimensions
Max weight

2' × 2'
200 lbs

4' × 6.5'
1,000 lbs

7' × 10'
4,000 lbs

Extra large
7.5' × 25'
12,000 lbs

8' × 25'
9,000 lbs

Stuff happens. We get it. Once in a while, a buyer cancels an order or a seller ships the wrong thing. When one of our customers is in a bind, we at Cincy Errands do what we can to cut waste. That’s why customers who cancel a freight order after the Cincy Errands driver reaches the point of pick-up pay just half the cost of the cancelled delivery.

Does your freight shipment need to reach a local destination in under two hours? Cincy Errands makes it happen for hauls within Greater Cincinnati for just $8 more. Did your last freight carrier do that?