Researching same day delivery

Professional same day delivery: time is money

Good things come to those who wait. But in logistics, waiting means lost productivity. That’s why Cincy Errands gets your delivery there on time — and for less than you might think. Don't take our word for it; ask Cincy Errands customers!

More and more businesses are using third party logistics (3PL) providers like Cincy Errands to reduce liability and shrink operating costs. Outsourcing to third party logistics providers satisfies four common concerns:

  • Is same day delivery a must, or can it wait? (If we have to ask, it probably can’t wait.)
  • Can the company afford the time and expense of sending a valuable employee to pick up or deliver?
  • What liabilities does the company incur sending an employee on a same day delivery?
  • Will a company employee get there on time and return safely?

Several factors contribute to the continuing growth of Cincy Errands. First, as noted above, companies that once insourced same day delivery and other courier services are switching to 3PL providers. Second, Cincy Errands balances youthful stamina with sage experience. Third, Cincinnati is centrally located in the Midwest, connecting commercial routes between Chicago, Cleveland, Columbus, Detroit, Lexington, Louisville, Indianapolis and St. Louis. Fourth, Cincy Errands’ competitive pricing on courier, freight and same day delivery services helps the customers’ bottom line. And fifth, Cincy Errands isn’t just a company, and neither are you. We’re real people, and we see our customers as real people. We take a personal interest in your success and satisfaction, and our customers appreciate that.

Kyle Hall
Bentley World-Packaging


Having Cincy Errands as my partner lets me guarantee my customers on time deliveries. With one phone call, all my same day delivery needs are satisfied. Cincy Errands makes my team look like heroes for completing impossible jobs on time, and they always perform above my expectations.

Jim Korb
Cincinnati Mold


I’m a one-man tool and die shop so I have to make the best use of my time in order to stay competitive. My running here and there to pick up and deliver parts was keeping me from doing what I needed to do at my shop. Cincy Errands same day delivery has taken over that part of my business and now I’m able to focus more on my work instead of sitting in traffic wasting valuable time. They are easy to work with and handle my parts with care.

Shane Clark
Ohio Flexible Packaging


Our corporate customers depend on us to deliver product on schedule, so we depend on Cincy Errands same day delivery. Cincy Errands is dependable, and whenever we’ve needed them to go the extra mile, Cincy Errands has come through.

A growing body of empirical evidence shows how businesses of every size and shape increasingly turn to professional couriers for same day delivery and other logistical services. Bottom line: Cincy Errands enhances productivity, reduces liability and cuts operating costs. Contact us today to discover how Cincy Errands same day delivery can energize your business.