Delivery beyond Cincinnati

Cincinnati is our home and our hub, but Cincy Errands goes the extra mile (quite a few extra miles, actually) for customers who need same day delivery to or from the far corners of Kentucky, Ohio and Indiana.

Liabilities and costs

You’ve done the math. In-house distribution/supply logistics entail serious costs and liabilities. Cincy Errands carries your goods and supplies affordably.

Personal touch

Being a small Cincinnati courier service empowers us to take personal interest in each of our customers. We’re not just doing a job. We’re looking out for our friends and neighbors.


Don’t be fooled by our compactness. We’re a small company, but we’re well equipped. Cincy Errands moves large freight shipments, small parcels, and everything in between.

Can-do attitude

While Cincy Errands boasts the latest and greatest ground delivery services, our work ethic is simple and old-school. Take care of the customer. Whatever it takes.

Frank Skalski III

Frank Skalski III

Managing Partner

After several years as a corrections officer, Frank joined Cincy Errands in 2004. His superpower? Expecting the unexpected.

Joseph Skalski

Joseph Skalski


When asked if his background in professional racing helps him build a successful same day delivery service, Joe smiles and says “It doesn’t hurt.”